Good morning, I write because I have a serious problem with Uniface 9.7.05.

When you start an application that has always worked, it returns this message:

“2020-01-08 10:48:06.83 - Uniface session started

  I/O function: U, mode: 0, on file/table: INFECHA length: 162

42000 [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]An invalid tabular data stream (TDS) collation was encountered.

2020-01-08 10:48:35.93 - Uniface session stopped”

!!! It is the first time I see this error !!!

Try reinstalling SQl/Server 2008 R2 and the error persists, since I have updated Uniface with the last patch (35) return the installation to the previous patch (34) and it still does not work.

Additionally I have not been able to solve the problem of the installation of Uniface 10 reported a few days ago.

“Execution problem Uniface 10.3.02

    2 answers (Not working)

    Pedro Manuel Arcaya S.    dic 23, 2019


Is it possible that it's a Windows 10 operating system issue?

Thank you

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