I've managed to import this project into a small repository, thanks to Daniel. However, when trying to run it to see the output working, there appears to be an include file app:lpgetlayout missing, it is required by the BOOTMAIN DSP and without it, nothing shows. 

Whilst on the subject, I can't find a layout which seems appropriate for BOOTMAIN anyway, so I don't know if this is also missing. 

Some of the DSPs have internal layout storage, APP_USERS and BOOTMAIN appear to use this localproc, but it's not there. 

Any help? 

  1. Daniel Iseli


    I know that you were in contact with my colleague David Akerman to fix this problem. Any news? In case you've already solved this issue then the answer might also be useful for other users.


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1 answer


    The answer appears to be that the downloadable version is not functional. David has done a bunch of work on his demo software, which is functional, but it's in version 10. 

    We are working with a copy of that in 10, and looking to migrate our app ASAP, In the meantime we are using the urouter to look data up from our V9 app and bring it into our V10 webpages.... 

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