Update notice for UD6 Driver for Uniface.

A limited number of customers have been testing UD6 for Uniface 9.7.05 and Uniface 10 for about a year now.  We were waiting to release this with a major update that includes more features and Uniface 10 fixes, however the next update requires further testing so we are releasing this stable update to all customers now.  Due to the extended period of beta testing we are confident this is a very stable build for customer.  This upgrade is recommended for all Uniface versions, and is required for Uniface 9.7.05.

UD6 download available now to all customers, and a trial is available to download



We are aware of three problems with this update:

- Windows install for Uniface 10.3 - the file ofields.u13 is incorrectly installed as ofields.u10

- UD6 for Uniface 10.2/10.3 does not handle ‘renames’
- Documentation is incomplete

Here is a link to the updated documentation with information about batch build performance:

You may also be interested in this information about migrating from Uniface NINE to Uniface NINE:

You may also be interested in this information about migrating from Uniface NINE to Uniface 10:

We are working on another update which will include new features in the Git integration component and improved support for Uniface 10 (rename).  If you are actively working on a Uniface 10 migration and are not already on the UD6 beta programme, please email the support team.  Customers on the beta programme will get early access to the next release for testing.

To maximise our time working on these updates, unfortunately we will not be visiting or presenting at any of the Uniface conferences this year.  Our team had quite a disrupted summer with our data centre migrating from London UK to Nuremberg Germany, so we are very much happy to be back working on code, bug fixes and feature upgrades.

If you encounter a problem with the upgrade please email the support team via support@march-hare.com and include: your IDF logfile/message frame; your ASN file including USYS$UD6_PARAMS; your Uniface version including patches; your UD6 version; relevant XML files and UD6 config files.

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