Hi Freaks

Simple question (smile)
I got a entity with maximal n occurrences displayed.
In such a occurence there is a field painted wich I want to move in x-direction
The offset depends on $currocc (or better on a attribute faild in the occurence)
$paintedfieldproperties needs the "occurrence painted" number.

If there are equal or less then n occurences,: No problem

$currocc == "occurrence painted"

But what if I need a scrollbar.
Which occurence is displayed at first postion?
How to calculate "occurrence painted"

Any idea?


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      Hi Ingo,

      Maybe you can see the workaround to use for the question "How to know the painted occurrence of the occurrence of the histlist?" Work with format trigger.



      1. Ingo Stiller

        Hi Gilles

        Not realy a solution

        1. Sometime the entities are nested
        2. Sometime there a thousend of occurence
        3. Sometime there are creocc or delete or ...

        By good fortune:
        I need $paintedfiledproperties in this very moment only for a new componente with only a few occurence, so it should $curocc== $PaintedOccNumber (keep my fingers crossed)
        But we try to modernize our application and so the demand to rearrange the fields will increase in the nexts days

        A simple $PaintedOccNumber(<ent>) would help.

        Or better a few functions:
        $PaintedOccNumber({<ent>{,<occnbr>}})    ; Get the painted occurence number  *)
        $OccIsVisible({<ent>,{,<occnbr>}})               ; Check, if the occurence is visible (even partial)
        $FirstVisibleOcc({<ent>})                              ; Returns the first (partial) visibile occurence number
        $LastVisibleOcc({<ent>})                              ; Returns the last (partial) visibile occurence number

        $paintedoccY({Entity})                                  ; Get the numbers of occurences in Y-direction
        $paintedoccX({Entity})                                  ; Get the numbers of occurences in X-direction
        $PaintedOccNumberY({<ent>{,<occnbr>}})  ; Get the painted occurnce number (in Y-direction) *) **)
        $PaintedOccNumberX({<ent>{,<occnbr>}})  ; Get the painted occurnce number (in X-direction) *) **)

        *)  Mayby with a switch to return the number relativ to the upper entity or absolut as an UIL
        **) in case, the painted occurence number onyl works with multi occurence in Y-direction

        @UnifAce : As this is a request from long time ago, please deliver (smile)


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