I found some confusing info in the trigonometric functions like uniface/proc/reference/procfunctions/sin.htm /cos/tan ...
The text reads:



X—angle in radians or a field (or indirect reference to a field), a variable, or a function or expression which evaluates to an angle in radians.

But the example below says:

The following example returns the sine of the given expression:

vSine = $sin($pi() * RADIANS)

So what is the right way to calculate 180°?
Do I have to multiply my RADIANS value with $PI() as the example says, or just RADIANS as the parameters says.
Based on my documents 180° is equivalent to aprox: 3.142 that I would put in RADIANS, but the example multiplies this with $PI() again ???
It may be helpful to explain these example a little more like:
when RADIANS is =.785 (which is equivalent to 45°), vSine is ...

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