Chris Breemer, long time member of the Uniface team and huge source of knowledge in the Uniface Customer Support team will soon be enjoying retirement.

Before leaving, he has kindly shared his personal alternative to the Urouter monitor with us. The details can be found here on the utilities, add ons and extras page.

As it is not part of anything officially Uniface, it is shared with sources for you to use and adapt to your liking.

Big thanks to Chris for all his good efforts in his many years with Uniface.

  1. james.oakley@tribalgroup.com

    Great, we'll be sure to have a look at that Chris, many thanks for the departing contribution to the community.

    Also, - thanks for all of your assistance over the many years Chris.  You've been a fountain of knowledge within Uniface on the inner workings of many of the networking side of things, be it the LDAP driver, Urouter or the fabled UHTTP function.  I've enjoyed (if that's the right word) the many hours of trawling through logs with yourself supporting.

    Enjoy a well earned retirement

  2. cbreemer@hotmail.com

    Hi James,
    I only saw your post just now. Thanks for the wishes ! I've always enjoyed working with you too.
    So far retirement suits me just fine (smile)
    If you have any feedback on CSMON, do let me know on cbreemer@hotmail.com. I plan to release an update soon, which will provide the missing functionality (start servers and filter on specific servers and/or clients).


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1 answer


    I hope CSMON can be useful to some of you.

    Any feedback welcome while I'm still here (smile)


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