Today we have tweaked uniface.info to help with usability.

  • Community → Forums has been changed to Questions 
    When updating uniface.info to the new site we tried to keep it as familiar as possible however it is not a natural fit
  • The default tab when selecting "Community → Questions" is now questions rather than Topics
    Topics are tags that can be added to Questions to allow filtering and we are being told by the community that it is the questions they are more interested in.

We are also currently looking into the email reporting of Questions and their feedback.

When starting to type a question you will be presented with a list of existing items. If your question has not been asked before you are able either hit enter or click the ASK QUESTION button. 

Topics are a way of filtering the questions. If you select the Topics sheet you will be able to filter the questions by the Topics that have been added to the Questions.

Let us know your comments.

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