I am doing some Uniface application tuning and after raising $ioprint value I can collect more information on all DBMS driver calls done by Uniface runtime. Here it is an example:

Server: I/O function: S, mode: 0, on file/table: COSERV index: 1 >=

I never fixed my attention on latest characters in these rows, those after "index: X".
Going through my complete log I find these combinations:
but I could suppose others combinations should be in use too, like:
and could be others.

I've looked into documentation but without luck.

Which is the exact meaning of latest characters after "index: x" in driver calls log row?
Are they index hints, like "index: X", sent from runtime to DBMS driver?

Thanks in advance for any answer!

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      Hi all,

      One full month is passed since I posted for more info...NO ANSWER!

      DBMS interface is really made simple by Uniface but anyhow it remains tricky...

      Am I asking in the wrong place?


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