last week, I mentioned that after 4 weeks of inactivity we have got a new index for the reported issues.


after 4 weeks it looks like we have an updated issues index.

Let's see if this will happen regularly again so I can perform my sunday morning "check the reported issues ritual"

But now I have to state that this has NOT made it to the regular weekly production as we were used to with unifaceinfo.com.

When will we enjoy the basic information services we had all those years again?

May I recommend that Uniface BV will place on uniface.info a commitment which information services we  uniface customers can expect with what update-interval?

I think this will improve the customers confidence that Uniface BV can be a trusted development tool provider.

Happy New Year from Frankfurt/Germany to Amsterdam and the whole World,


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      190110: the index is still not updated

      Think we can not trust these delivery procedures
      (even the zipped CHM files are 006, we have now 010)

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