10.3 004: procnames with precompiler constants shown as "unspecified" in jumplist

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

Note: Because this Forum "eats" a couple of codeparts, I use {$componentname} as placeholder for a precompiler directive As Mike has unveiled a non-cmi dependend jumplist in https://unifaceinfo.com/forum/uniface-10-enterprise-edition/module-section-not-showing-operations-triggers-and-entries/#p6053956 I gave it a try with some migrated forms where procnames are composed using precompiler constants (like "entry {$formname}_A1"). In U9, these entries showed up in the jumplist as "{$formname}_A1". In U10, the name shown for all these entires is identical "unspecified"; totally useless for jumps.   To make it useable, please adjust the implementation so that we see the procname in the same way as in U9. TIA, Uli